Thursday, May 27, 2010

i implore you.

i'm wont to conceptualize, compose and create an entire week of loathing for sex and the city 2.  each day a different lambasting bit of vitriol aimed at the two hours and fourteen minutes this downright abysmal film robbed me of.  i'd want to pick apart the film as a piece of cinematic garbage, ream the movie for its offensive nature towards other cultures, run a cyber-smear campaign about the film's unabashedly american sensibilities.  i want to seriously go door-to-door to the films obvious demographic (women and gay men age 17 - 35) and roughly assert that this film is not worth watching.

i implore you viewers of the world, do not go and see this film this weekend.  you will hear your friends talk about "how dumb it is, but the clothes are great!" you will hear critics dismiss the film as a mere triffle, another stupid summer blockbuster that thuds without consequence.  you will hear those close to you hint that maybe, as they are tired and they just want to consume something stupid, that sex and the city 2 is a possibility for your friday cinematic viewing.  but please, do not listen.

sex and the city 2 is a clear an indication of the future of hollywood as any shitty sequel/remake/video game adaptation i've seen in the last year, and we as a culture need to draw the line.  we need to say that this sort of superficially blase film, rife with churning currents of racism and overt consumerism is not something that we as film viewers will accept.  hollywood is quickly and quite aggressively becoming the sort of beast that we as film lovers will no longer understand in two or three years.  and it's doing so with our silent complacency.

i know, and have already experienced the sort of backlash disapproval of a film like this brings. "oh noah, who cares, it's just not your type of film," or "you are not the target audience," and "it's just a stupid film."  and guess what?  that means hollywood wins.  we've rolled over, we've let our national cinema become a stew pot of shit brimming with corporate sponsors and unoriginal thought and it's time to say no.  i'm not proposing a boycott or anything even slightly protest related, i'm just saying, go support other film this weekend.  find a good independent cinema and just relax amongst a film you've never heard about.

don't be a faceless ten dollars in the millions this awful movie will certainly rake in.


criterion counsel: our viewing of the film was sidetracked last evening by weighty conversation.  soon though, soon.

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