Tuesday, May 4, 2010

watch this: anton corbjin's the american trailer

i know, i know, posting a trailer for a new film is barely my style, but i'm knee deep in festival coverage right now and have a little less than forty-five minutes to crank out a review on a series of shorts i absolutely abhor.

any-who, anton corbjin and george clooney in a film about assassins, final hits, tails and love? have to say it has a sort of epic, 1940s casablanca feel to it.

and that i love.


criterion counsel: i am so excited about the film i'm digging in to right now.  i'm so excited about the world of criterion awaiting me.  alas, all this excitement is worthless as i've had barely a moment to dive in.  sigh.  forgive me readers.  forgive me.

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