Tuesday, May 25, 2010

watch this: michael winterbottom's the killer inside me trailer

michael winterbottom is a strange, strange director who makes ethereal films that often times defy any and all genre.  i tell you, see nine songs and then code 46 and then 24 hour party people and try to pin down the director. toss in a little in this world and you've got perhaps the most diverse director working today.

and then toss in the killer inside me, based on jim sheridan's nasty little book, starring casey affleck and a host of attractive women and i'm spinning about in some kind of tizzy.

after the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford, it's near impossible for me to shake the notion that casey affleck isn't anything but a serial killer. seriously if i ran in to him in a dark alley, i'd quake with fear.

let this trailer make you feel the same way.


criterion counsel: it's a great movie, i just haven't had time to finish it up yet.  i'm trying though.  had to expose myself to the plague that is sex and the city 2 last night and re-immersing myself today in the horror that will be prince of persia, so i might need to swallow a healthy dollop of good old american classic to help ease the pain.

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The final word on the Winterbottom controversy - http://bit.ly/aRmzjc