Thursday, May 27, 2010

a lil' bit of old hollywood

amongst all my raging against the bloated whale of hollywood this week, i stumbled across this amazing little map of the california from the days of the studio system.  the studio system was perhaps just as noxious as the cinematic world we live in today (what with actors being property and such and such) but somehow looking back the films just resonate more.

the above map showcases how paramount, a major then and a major now, broke down the californian climes in to the various landscapes and countries one would need for any good film.  need the sahara desert? try southeastern california.  the chilled salmon of the alaskan rivers?  try the south bay.  need a handful of code-crunching programmers to turn your green screen in to a pixelated version of a jungle? try any film that's come out in the last five years.

sigh, the hatred, i'm literally hemorrhaging it.


criterion counsel:  don't point that judgy finger at me, i'll take it right off. 

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