Friday, November 13, 2009

Post 200! My top 5 films from the last fifty ... or so.

Well shit storms.

I've finished 200 posts, (201 if you're counting) and I was planning to put together my top 5 from the last fifty films I've watched. I'd already written an outline, started to think about the films that had really embedded themselves in my psyche, had even composed a congratulatory though snarky intro to what would be my top 5 films of the last fifty.

And then realized that merely ten posts ago I'd already written it. I'd already cobbled together my favorite films of the last fifty, each and all, and posted it on this very website for you, the readers to enjoy.

So again, shit storms.

This happens more often than not, and now I'm off to work in a huff and a hustle and all I can leave you with is the link to the top 5 of the first fifty list I wrote previously.

Blast it con'sarnit, and such and such. Here's the link. I apologies for the sputtering anti-climax.

Monday: Ruminations on my favorite scenes from the last 100 films.

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