Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still battling.

I'm still sick, maybe even sicker than yesterday, but even though my lungs feel like they're filled with prickly ball-bearings and my head feels like a little red balloon of snot, I'm optimistic. If I'm this shitty feeling today (and believe me you, I am) then, in a perfect world, I can only feel better tomorrow. Thus, this phlegm-filled day of work is hopefully the beginning of the end.

Sadly, for you and I believe me, I'm taking another day off writing anything lengthy and just presenting you with another fairly amazing bit of short I stumbled upon on the internet.

Vice Magazine (or Vice TV) puts out some fairly amazing bits of video and I've particularly enjoyed this series of urban exploration shorts they've been putting out. This one below is about the shocking subject of oil wells in ... Los Angeles.

Fascinating. Enjoy.

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