Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post #200! Lets do a numerical break-down.

First, quick apologies. I've been in New York for the last seven days. And much to the chagrin of both my employers and loyal readers, I go in to sort of work hibernation when I'm traveling, thus things like newsletters and Criterion Quests fall to the wayside quite quickly. But I'm back, battery fully charged, and rearing to start posting on a daily basis. DAILY, read that, DAILY. Every day I'l have one maybe two different posts for you to peruse. In what form or length I doth not know, but they'll be here.

I'm trying to be a writer here folks, and you now what that means, I gots to write.

That said: Holy fuck, I just hit 200 posts. Leonard Cohen blasting in the background, I've achieved, for the first time in my semi-amateurish career 200 posts. If I broke that in to pages, I'd probably have somewhere near an entire book of my oft times senseless ranting.

To say the least I'm proud.

Today, I wanted to do a bit of a numerical break-down of what I've accomplished so far, what I've yet to accomplish, and so on and so forth. Tomorrow, I'll be doing a list of my favorite films in the second fifty, and then in the wee hours of next week I'll be doing a post on my favorite scenes from the films I've come to love so much. At least the ones I can remember.

With that said, thanks for sticking with me for the last year. It hasn't always been the most consistent, but I think there's been some good heartfelt stuff on here. So pat yourself on the rump, it's been a good run and hopefully it'll keep getting better.

A numerical breakdown.

Years I've been writing Criterion Quest: Just over 1.

Number of films I've finished in that time: 60

Number of films in The Criterion Collection (currently): 501

Number of films I've left to watch: 400 (not counting the films coming out on a monthly basis by this prolific organization)

Number of years, by this number, it'll take me to complete my Criterion Quest: 6.5 (again this said if Criterion stopped putting out films right now, which they won't, they'll just keep pumping out gems and I'll struggle to keep up, and you'll watch this struggle, and then my eventual mental collapse - should be golden)

Number of Michael Bay films I've watched in The Criterion Collection: 1

Number of times I've had to defend The Criterion Collection based on that fact: countless

Number of times I've explained The Criterion Collection to rubber-necking gawkers and had them list of seven or eight other films they think should be in it: also, countless

Number of readers I've accrued over the last year: I'm thinking in the 30 range, but every once in a while I'll get some comment from an unknown and all of sudden I get to thinking that maybe there's an invisible army of loyal readers that are just to shy to speak up. Then I'll be too busy to post for two weeks and I imagine my invisible army dwindling to nothing. Can I get a little help here?

Number of times I've had to close my eyes in horror while watching a Criterion film: I mean Salo (17) had hundreds, but I'll also give a few to Peeping Tom (58) and The Night Porter (59). So, I'd say, uh, one hundred ... and two.

Tears shed: At least a few during Cries and Whispers (101) and a good deal during The Unbearable Lightness of Being (55). I'd say a small buckets worth. Hmmm ... this isn't quite as numerical as I thought it was going to be.

Well, shit, I can't muster any more numbers. But if you've got a bit of spare time over the next six and half years, I'm going to promise, that I'll try to be here in one way or another every morning for as long as I can. Hang on, it could be fun.

Friday: My tops of the last fifty films.

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