Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's quick again.

Because my life is strange, it's nine 'o' clock in the morning and I'm frantically pounding out a blog post before I head off to a four year old's birthday party in an ill-fitting suit coat (which I love).

Thus, you get this bizarre, sort of amazing short film by the late great Jim Henson.

Three things about this short film:

1. It debuted on The Late Show with Johnny Carson. Yup, this bit of personal insanity was shown on national TV. It doesn't have hot, scantily clad teens or cougars or Keifer Sutherland exploding the Chinese - it's art, and it's on national television. Be ashamed television, be ashamed of what you've come.

2. I found it on We Love You So, the amazing website of Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Where The Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich, etc.) and friends. I highly recommend a perusal.

3. This is the man who created ... The Muppets. I love when artists, particular those who found fame entertaining for kids, open themselves up like this. There's always more going on.


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