Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A brief encounter and QUICK NOTES: ZOMBIELAND

This happened to me yesterday:

I work in a coffee shop that has two windows that each and every morning I open. Since my coffee shop is in a part of town that could be considered "sketchy" by rich, white people, we have grates over our window.

Yesterday, 'round 9:30, a man approached the open window, carrying one presumably half full large can of 211 Steel Reserve, and a brown bag, where an un-opened 211 Steel Reserve can awaited him.

Our conversation:

Man: Am I a good person?
Me: Uh, sure, you're a good person.
Man: Tell me I'm a good person.
Me: You're a good person.
Man: Say it louder!

He then proceeded to stagger across the street and get arrested. I only wished I had yelled, "You are not truly a good person, you have befuddled me!"

Alas, I did not.

The Movie: Zombieland
The Director: Ruben Fleischer

Something Interestin': The Swayz himself was originally signed to star in this film. The cancer that got him in the end, also forced him out of shooting.

Something Else Interestin': Not only was Woody Harrelson arrested for possession of weed on this film, it was also his biggest grossing of all time. One of these things is surprising.

Quick Notes:

1. The Wonder Years: Zombie Edition

I read on IMDB that this film was originally imagined as a TV show, and I'm glad it didn't ever take that route as it's pretty much just a quirky, new-age Wonder Years with zombies instead of cheeky older brothers. The voiceovers, the nebbish high schooler, the long lusting over girls obviously too attractive for our main character - Fred Savage I believe you have a law suit.

2. Jesse Eisenstein

Like Michael Cera but prickly. I want to hug Michael Cera in all his awkward geekiness. But Jesse Eisenstein? Yikes, at best I want him to stay away from my imaginary children. At worst, he might get a shank in the knee for his smugness. I mean I don't want to kill him, just ruin his sports career.

3. Slo-Mo Liquid

There is more liquid spattered about screen in super slo-mo in the first two and half minutes of this film than possibly any other in film history. Blood, coke, milk, water - if it's liquid, it's getting a slo-mo shower. I can only hope it was intentional. If not, Mr. Fleischer you need to see someone about a dangerous obsession.

4. Emma Stone, comic?

I sort of love how Emma Stone (Superbad) is hurtling herself down the path of comedy. I feel as if there's this tendency today for young, attractive Hollywood actors (of the female persuasion) to jump in to period dramas and edgy thrillers. Which is sad, as we're lacking in the future generations of funny ladies. If Emma Stone is the start of a new generation though, hell, I think we're okay.

5. Woody Harrelson, big timer.

My friend Hyok once smoked weed with Woody Harrelson at a frat house in Seattle, Washington. Afterwards they went to play basketball (Hyok was a magic man) but stoned Woody got spoked by an angry weed-hater and had to bail. I still think he should be famous.

Final Thoughts: This is a good, not great movie. Zombies have been stuffed down our throats lately, and it's nice to see a gore-fest that wears it's influences (Shaun of the Dead) and good intentions on its sleeve. Harrelson steals the show, but cold-as-ice Eisenberg and warm-as-puppies Emma Stone have some moments too. I don't know who invited that Breslin lass from Little Ms. Sunshine, she's topping 14 and that awkward stage isn't doing much for her. I recommend it for a matinee show, a drive-in, something that gives you the chance to imbibe a six-pack with a good chum first.

Thursday: The Devil and Daniel Johnston

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