Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Friday, and this is a short one.

I wanted to draw your attention to two things this morning:

1. My brother, a burgeoning actor in LA and a fine writer, recently got kicked in to semi-finalist status for some sort of bizarre travel writing contest on a website called Trazzler. If he wins he gets 10,000 dollars and a two-week trip to New York. Though none of us will gain anything from his victory, I will no longer have to hear him complain about his destitution and my parents will no longer have to pay for his weekly allowance of string beans and steel oats. Thus, head on over to this website, read the blurb, and then add yourself to his wishlist. The more people who end up on his wishlist, the better chance he has have winning prizes we shall never see:

Help Justin stop robbing my parent's bank account HERE.

There you go Justin, perhaps you'll win and those "50 dollar down payments" on my computer will start arriving ...

2. I found this pretty solid article about the state of rereleasing catalogs for the major studios and how Criterion continues to buck trends and be successful. I find the article interesting and sort of explains why I love Criterion so much:

Criterion? I nearly killed you.

3. I realized that most of the trailers for the films I talked about yesterday are up and about on the internet and I thought I'd share 'em with you to maybe garner a bit more excitement for the films I'm talking about:

#99. Gimme Shelter

His hair it spins so prettily.

#100. Beastie Boys Video Anthology

Those bastards on Youtube got nothing, but here's a video off the anthology.

#101. Cries and Whispers

A quote from reader Mattro2.0 about my fear of Bergman and my upcoming viewing of this film:

"The film weighs exactly 8,724 lbs, that is to say, it's heavy."


#102. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

I love the shooting and then the sneaky ham grab. This movie is as strange as it looks.

#103. The Lady Eve

I don't know what this TCM shit is at the beginning, but hot damn, they sure do talk fast! And that voice-over is absolutely brilliant - "Hasn't seen a white woman in years!"

There we go! Hope you have a good weekend.

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