Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not even two seconds of THE MAGIC FLUTE (71)

Well last night, hot and sweaty over the fact that I'd posted one hundred times on this here blog I decided to celebrate by immersing myself in a literal whirlwind of Criterion goodness. Because my desk is almost entirely useless to me now, I'd seat myself on my uncomfortable, and soon to be gone, futon and burn through The Magic Flute (71), then take a breather, have a beer, and shoot directly in to Le Million (72). It's a short one, so maybe I'd have time to dig in to Kevin Smith's sketchily deemed-classic Chasing Amy (75) before the sweet arms of sleep wrapped themselves around me.

I was psyched, a big Criterion nerd-out to ring in the big 100 post.

Then the phone rang and a good friend of mine from high school was interested in a hitting up a local, movie-themed taphouse for some beers and nostalgia. I waxed back and forth, sipping on a cheap can of crap beer or four, before agreeing - I'd be home slightly early and I'd certainly polish off The Magic Flute (71) before drifting in to slumber.

Three dark beers later, I'm sprawled out, face crushing my already warped glasses, Scandinavian opera singers serenading me to sleep.

Long story short, I didn't do a lick of Criterion watching last night. Hell, I've got a little over a week before I depart Seattle indefinitely, this might happen a bit.

Keep reading though, I'll try to keep it entertaining.

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