Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A final day of work and why I haven't watched CHASING AMY (75) yet.

Another milestone in the big move occurred today: my final shift of work at my coffee shop. I don't want to get al sentimental and deep about this move, though those thoughts are certainly bouncing around my head right now, but a few things chanced upon the old brain matter today and I thought I'd share.

No matter how excited or sad or broken up you (or maybe just I) believe people are going to be about you departing a place of employment like a coffee shop when it comes down to it they're not going to care that much. I wish I could even remember all of the customers I saw on Monday who promised they'd come in and say goodbye, who told me they'd be bringing the whole family, or a baby for a picture (I'm not joking), and I have to say that in terms of regular customers today was one of the slowest.

I guess I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I thought the loyal customers would be a little more broken up, a little more eager to talk and shoot the shit, hell, a little more loose with their money and the tip jar. Instead, today was just a regular day, maybe a little sadder, maybe a little slower, but all in all just another day at Fuel Coffee.

What I've come to realize is that this is just the surest of signs that no matter who you are or what you've done or what impacts you've made, your departure is just a small break in things, and soon enough, even maybe when you're still there, that break seals and life just keeps flowing on past. It was, quite honestly, a sort of somber realization today. Everyone is living there lives and me leaving, as much as it seems to be this huge deal to me is, to everyone else a slight deviation, a brief change before things get back to normal.

Two more days in Seattle folks, just two more days.

No Chasing Amy (75) today folk, for a few reasons. One, I'm waiting on my first guest writer to either send something tonight, or not, so I can just move past and write it up myself. Two, I already packed the film and I'm struggling to locate it again. And three, I've been busy drinking, carousing and socializing in light of the upcoming departure. Movies are hard to watch when I'm intoxicated, don't judge.

Tomorrow though, Kevin Smith's "masterpiece" discussed.

Thursday: Chasing Amy (75)

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Megan said...

i'm totally bummed about it, but then i will probably see you more often in SF than i have in the last 6 months! hope you settle in nicely down south and enjoyed the travels!