Thursday, December 3, 2009


Wow, it's been a while since I've written up a preview for what's next and I think there's actually a few good reasons for it. First, I'm just glad I'm not forcing my Criterion Quest anymore. I'm just letting it flow as it might, and I feel as if my filmic diet is much more balanced because of it. Second, I like this blog being about film in general, not just the Criterion Collection. As much as I adore that bastion of all things film geek, there's a wide world of amazing cinema out there and I want this blog to explore it all.

Thus, as happy as I am to have finally started mounting my way to the tip top of single digits, I'm happy as to what this blog has become.

That said, lets see what's in store.

#104. Double Suicide dir. Masahiro Shinoda

To be honest, I've already dug pretty deep in to this film and holy fuck-wit if I'm not confused as to what I'm watching. It's near experimental mish-mash that falls on to a tiny island somewhere between a Greek tragedy, a samurai love story, and a 1960s art-film. Oh yeah the entire film centers around a, ahem, double suicide. Not exactly the cheeriest of films, nor the most entertaining. But we'll get to that another time.

#105. Spartacus dir. Stanley Kubrick

C'mon, you know what this is. Kirk Douglas, he of the shadow casting chin and painfully botoxed son? Stanley Kubrick, he of the soul-blistering filmography and penchant for naked Tom Cruise? All smooshed together in to a film about a gladiator trying to survive. I've seen this film many many years ago and couldn't be more excited for a new taste.

#106. Coup de Torchon dir. Bertrand Tavernier

A French noir! Based on the steamy noir-work of beloved, and boozy author Jim Thompson! Starring the scaldingly attractive Isabelle Hupert! My palms are sweaty just thinking about it. Am I ever this excited about my top five? Am I ever this excited about anything?

#107 Mona Lisa dir. Neil Jordan

Please, somebody hold me, as I'm getting a bit faint. Neil Jordan's (he of The Crying Game, he of Interview With A Vampire) early, ahem, NOIR about a small town loser, played by the brilliant beast that is Bob Hoskins, on a "dangerous quest through the sordid underbelly of London." I love sordid things! I need to change my shirt, this much sweat is gross.

#108 The Rock dir. Michael Bay

Oh I know how much each and all of you are surprised by The Rock (104) appearing in The Criterion Collection. "But what about Die Hard? Or perhaps a Walter Hill film? Why this, this morbid bloated Nic Cage vehicle? What's next Con Air?" And I say hush. I feel as if every once in awhile The Criterion Collection just wants to make some dollars and force feed their customers some excessively trashy action. I mean they'll claim that Michael Bay invented modern action, but I think they just need a break from dramatic, breathy French films sometimes too. We all do. So zip it haters, zip it good.

Wow, I'm ready for this batch. Let me slumber through the end of Double Suicide (103) and then we get to me cinematically creaming myself for the next few weeks.

Friday: Double Suicide (103)

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