Friday, December 11, 2009

What I'm Reading.

It's Friday! That means short and sweet and usually barely related to the Criterion Collection. This week I'm not even talking about movies! Take that pigeonholers! I'm a new man.

Turns out not only do I enjoy a cinematic romp, I'm also addicted to blogs. All sorts of them. Fashion blogs, design blogs, blog blogs - a whole skew of random websites that turn me on to a variety of shit that I could probably do without knowing.

Nonetheless, I thought, as long as I've got your attention, I'd share the tops that I've been reading.


We Love You So

This blog originated as a sort of PR thang for Where The Wild Things Are run by Spike Jonze and a myriad of his ultra-talented friends. The movies out now, and sure there's still some Wild Things related posts, but mainly it's just a series of amazing entries about art, film, music, and design as curated by your way cooler old brother. I sometimes hide my computer from Alex when I'm looking at We Love You So because I'm embarrassed by the sweaty smile plastered on my face.

Raven Sings The Blues

Easily the best music site on the web. A mysterious stranger (seriously, I've tracked this person before with sled dogs and compasses to no avail) picks his/her favorite artist's new releases and exposes them to us, his devoted readers. I find nearly each and every bit of music he picks to be, if not enjoyable, entirely interesting. My love and collection of music has grown immensely due to this site's fantastic recommendations.

Aquarium Drunkard

Where Raven Sings The Blues is my one-stop shop for all things up-and-coming, Aquarium Drunkard is my musical library. I drop by this amazing site each and every day just to see what bit of obscure musical history they've tapped in to this time. It isn't always albums you've never heard of, but it's always a fantastic take, well informed and beautifully written. If Raven Sings The Blues strays more towards garage, cold-synth and weird and wacky, Aquarium Drunkard likes it's jukebox stuffed to the garters with good-old fashioned folk and rock 'n' roll.

Pacific Standard

Strath Shephard works with me over at Light In The Attic, and over the course of the last few months I've sort of addictively followed his blog. Shephard is a talented graphic designer (check the site, I swear) and used to own a long-gone favorite record label of mine in Seattle. Thus, the blog is a mish-mash of amazing graphic design, fashion, textography, photography, and, well, rap music. And never, never, miss out on your Weekly Dose of Mr. Littlejeans.


I used to be obsessive about film news. Literally hours of my day were spent perusing film sites hoping for new information on anything and everything I could get my grubby cyber-mitts on. These days I've followed my favorite film writer (Drew McWeeney) from the nerd-confines of Ain't It Cool News to the more filmically amazing world of Motion/Captured. McWeeney is a film-obsessive but one working within the film industry, thus his take on the pictures is both historically accurate, obsessively knowledgeable and steeped in industry know-what. A fantastic site for those who love talking about flicks.

The Criterion Collection

Best fucking old movie website on the interwebs. Hands down.

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