Monday, December 7, 2009

Still no DOUBLE SUICIDE (104) and I've got a camera.

First off, another prolonged apology about my inability to finish Double Suicide (104), 'tis a beast of a film and I'm hard-up to find a moment to dig through it. But, in the immortal words of Kriss Kross on their second and final album, "tonight's the night baby." Tomorrow, let their be Double Suicide (104).

On the other hand I just picked up a digital single lens reflex and have been itching to post a few of the images I've been capturing on this here blog. Hopefully the photos I'm taking will become more and a more a part of this Criterion Quest as it's something I'm loving considerably, and you know I love sharing things I love. Like sickness, lovely delightful sickness.

So, for today, not even a hint of movies, just a quick couple of photos.

Hope you enjoy:

Alex Healy, broken-ribbed and silver-dressed on her 27th birthday.

My house makes people teleport.

Girl and dead baby shark.

Not exactly where we thought we were going.

Tuesday: By hook or by crook, Double Suicide (104)

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