Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm excited today, just like 85 percent of the rational thinking world, I'm excited because Barack Obama is being elected as the 44th President of The United States of America. It's momentous, it's historic, it's hope-inducing, it is goddamn exhilarating. I've been parked in front of my television for the last three and half hours watching the non-stop streaming of various inane clips regarding today's historic ceremonies. I've tried to pull myself away, but there is something truly amazing about watching what I'm hoping will be the beginning of Roosevelt-style historic presidency.

I'm fucking excited.

Yet, I'm also a little worried. It is a beautiful thing to see so many Americans actually giving a rat's ass about events taking place in D.C. It's amazing that a group of my rowdy, drunken friends woke up at 6 in the morning to watch a presidential inauguration on a big screen surrounded by equally excited folk of all ages and races. Yet, if we're still in the honeymoon period here with Obama. He's an impressive figure, a miraculous orator, and a seemingly genuinely caring person, but as of now, as a President of the United States, he's completely unproven.

I'm not saying that I think President Obama is going to fail or be a terrible President, I'm just saying that I worry that when, invariably, the shit hits the fan, the notoriously short memory of the United States people will rear its ugly head and all of sudden it's going to be eggs and tomatoes not roses and knickers being tossed at the man. I'm also worried that this cloud of political excitement and interest will fade, and that is entirely opposed to the message Obama is spreading right now. He's not saying that as one man he can fix the United States of America, he's saying that with the help of us, the American people, we, WE, can start the process of piecing this severely broken country back together.

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer on this big day, I'm just already tired of Away Messages that read "Obama!" or "Change Has Come". It's true, change is here, but we need to start pulling back from the idealistic embrace we've all been wrapped up in, pull back and start thinking realistically how we can help in the months and years to come.

Political rant aside, I didn't watch even a bit of a movie last night. I think the sheer creepiness of Peeping Tom (58) is sort of keeping me at bay. Happy 'Bama-guration!

Tomorrow: Hah, my birthday, and Peeping Tom (58)

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