Friday, January 2, 2009

I think they call this a "bender" and this thing called a book.

I have been staring at my computer screen for the last twenty minutes in a sort of hazy fog. I've been attempting to think of some intelligent way to relay the fact that instead of spending my last two days of non-work filling my brain with Criterion Films, I've been filling my gut with booze and my liver with pussy yellow goo. The holidays, at least in Sanders' Town are a boozy affair and with a pretty consistent stream of friends and foes in and out of Seattle in the last month, it's been upped a notch this year.

But the holidaze has come to an end and with it my month of hazy remembrance. With the New Year upon us I've dedicated myself to upping the ante on creativity and hopefully adding a few new things to this sort of scant little blog. I'm thinking about previews of upcoming films in the series, maybe a guest writer or two, and, uh, well anything else that bubbles out of my brain pan.

Again, apologies for so many movieless postings in the last three weeks, these days of holiday cheer are a real burden on intelligent thought.

I have been filling some of the moments of coherence though digging in to a great book The Other Sanders' gave me for X-Mas.

I like this book for a variety of reasons. One, it's written in a sort of staccato prose that beautifully captures the almost-autistic thought process of it's movie-crazed protaganist. Two, it's about a movie-crazed autistic person and to a scary degree I not only envy his life, but sort of resemble it. Three, Stephen Erickson is just a revelation as a writer. One of those guys who's been cranking out gems for like ten years, and you almost feel bad stumbling upon his stuff so late. Other Sanders' Brother claims that this book prompted him to abandon his love of glamour in Portland (I kid) and move down to Zeroville itself, Los Angeles to try and make his way as an actor. If a book can inspire that sort of recklessly exciting decision making from the typical cautious Sander's family, you know it's got to be pretty amazing.

Books! Check 'em out.

Monday: A preview of what's next.


wescoat said...

Have you got to the end yet? I am baffled and astounded by it. Let's discuss...

Anne said...

FYI typo in your subtitle.