Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and not the THE 39 STEPS (56)

I saw David Fincher's new film tonight, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and left the theatre feeling as entirely swelled with emotion as I have in a long period of time. There were times during this sweetly odd, poignant, sad, sprawling film where I was so overcome by the urge to cry, I honestly coughed a little in surprise.

I'll say this, Benjamin Button is a big sentimental film that wears its very heartfelt emotions for the world to see and if you're opposed to that sort of blatant emotion, you might not want to see this. I love watching films because based on the context of your life they mean different things. I don't know that if I'd seen Benjamin Button at a different time if I'd have been so moved. Now though, as I'm in a place where my life is changing and the future is as wide open as it's been in a long time and there's a good deal of excitement and fear, this film so steeped in love (I don't know if there's a more romantic film put out this year) and loss overwhelmed me with a truly enjoyable sadness.

I don't know what people have read about the movie and the story and what not, but I'll say this, it's as much a film about death as it is life. A movie that proposes as an inevitable end and life as something that needs to be enjoyed to the absolute fullest and the only way to truly do that is too share that life with someone. It's about memories and where they go and how we share them as we get older. It's about the people we love and what it means to lose them. And at the very heart it's about a relationship between two people who meet in the middle and the threads that lead them there.

I apologize for my overwhelming sap right now, but this film left me face-wet and completely exhausted and trying to write anything less emotionally wrought seems almost wrong.

Well, unfortunately, as I was planning on finishing up this post in the morning before I went, but have now just come to the realization that not only am I late for work, but I'm also, of my own genius, scheduled to work a triple and THEN attend a work meeting. I won't be having any thoughtful insights on the real snooze-fest that is The 39 Steps (56). Those will have to wait until tomorrow.

It's 5:53 in the morning. I've slept for exactly 3 hours. This fucking sucks.

Tomorrow: The 39 Steps (56)


griffdog said...

We loved the movie too, although on reflection there are some gaps in logic. But if you ignore those and just let the movie move you as good movies should, then it is a great story that confirms love across the ages.

Now as your father, I need to tell you to get some sleep and not stay up so late. Now aren't you glad I am not getting any younger?

Anne said...

This is my new favorite.