Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apologies abound, no movies, and a final look at Zeroville.

Oh jesus.

I missed a day of my Criterion Quest. I promised myself this would never happen, that come hell or highwater I'd always post something, but due to a series of technical issues, and a general level of distraction, yesterday, for the time ever, I completely was unable to post.

It's alright. A one time thing. An outlier if you will. I promise you can, from this day forth, return each and every day to this site and find a brand new post from yours truly. I'm here for you my baffled readers, and never again will I let you down.


Alright, so this time I might. I've been in San Francisco and I haven't been spending any time watching the one Criterion film I brought, and I'm pretty much the biggest Criterion Quest failure of all time. I'm not going to mince words, or make excuses, but this is getting silly. In the next week, I'm going to buckle down, power through a few of the classics and have something actually movie-related for you. As of now I'm thinking about changing the name of this blog to Failure Quest or Excuses for Not Watching Movies Quest or How Noah Failed Something Else In His Life Quest. You know something positive for the kids.

On a movie related note, I finally finished Zeroville and let me tell you, quite a mind hump. Steven Erickson does an amazing job of ramping up the weirdness to the nth degree at the end of the book, and all of sudden you're dug in to the deepest parts of Vikar's brain. You're cruising along with his fevered, hallucinatory trip through film and this sort of obsessive series of events that culminates with a conversation with a ghost and a whole lot of sadness. I don't know if I fully understood it, but I certainly couldn't put it down. This is not a book for those of you who are looking for straight forward narratives or easily found answers. The title comes from a Criterion film Alphaville (25) and this book is just clusterfuck of filmic allusions. Scenes from films, themes from films, actual films - it's a film orgy and pretty amazing read.

Tomorrow: For All Mankind (54)

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jmk said...

Hey, just to clarify the comment that anne made earlier, you do, in fact, have a typo in the sub-title of your blog. TJ gets ultimate credit for finding this typo. It reads: "MY LIFELONG QUEST TO WATCH EVERY CRITERION FILM EVERY RELEASED" but should be "ever released", not "every".

Get your shit straight son.