Thursday, June 24, 2010

what's in store #10

it's been a while since i've actually seen enough films to knock out another what's in store.  so long that i forgot to actually discuss the next five films in the collection when i polished off the last round.  that said, with my man godfrey (114) now a delightful afterthought, it seemed a reward even to announce to you folk what you can be looking forward to, if you're following along (which i'll be honest, seems a stretch).

it's strong five coming out of the gate, and i can't wait to polish up the silverware and get to eating.

#114. my man godfrey, d. gregory la cava

my man godfrey (114) is the type of film that gets bandied around in classic film circles as a favorite, a classic, a must-see. and as is typical of the lax cinephile that i am, i haven't seen it. scoff, please, guffaw even, but no my man godfrey (114) has alluded me for a long while now. but the cinematic pairing of william powell and carole lombard is enough to wet my pits.  funny isn't it, years ago a black and white comedy from the 1930s would've been just enough to knock me unconscious, these days though, i'm percolating with excitement over it.

#115. rififi, d. jules dassan 

of all the films i've seen in the criterion collection (roughly 120) jules dassan's classic caper flick rififi (115) is my favorite. ever aspect of this film, the accumulation of "the talent", the banter, the twist, and especially the completely silent twenty-one minute heist are perfect.  perfect in the way where blood bubbles up to my face throughout the film and i feel a bit like i'm having a cinematic heart-attack.  that kind of perfect.

#116. the hidden fortress, d. akira kurosawa 

there was a spell, long ago, where not only was i obsessed with the beauty of the films in the criterion collection, but with actually owning the entirety of this expansive catalog.  no birthday or christmas or easter list existed that didn't have a request for a list of criterion films somewhere on it.  ebay was hunted for cheapies, video stores were perused for discount films - i was, and am, obsessed with the beautiful packaging this stunning collection released to the world.  the hidden fortress (116) was one of these films that, sadly, was purchased and never viewed.  stashed away underneath my bed (and concurrently my bed in san francisco) awaiting the day when i had a moment to watch it.  the film? another beautiful take on the samurai genre by criterion favorite akira kurosawa.  seemingly, much of star wars was based upon it.

#117. diary of a chambermaid, d. luis bunuel

keep the big names a'coming.  luis bunuel has to be the second most represented director in the collection and for good reason.  the spanish surrealist deftly, and wildly, dissected the philandering ways of the bourgeoisie and this, another beloved entry in his oeuvre, finds a chambermaid lost amongst the sexy scandals of a rich family.  i expect it be strange, slightly uncomfortable, and entirely enjoyable.

#118.  sullivan's travels, d. preston sturges

shit, there's too much to say about this film.  preston sturges is a comic genius unlike any other. a true master of the classic genre of screwball comedies and this, a sort of 30s take on the odyssey is a renowned classic. the film inspired the coen brother's o brother where art thou? and is considered one of the all-time greats.  and ... i haven't seen it.  i had it in my possession in college for years and years and somehow the damned thing just alluded my view.  shortly, hopefully, this will be fixed.

here's where i want someone to invent a time-stopper that allows me the ability to stop time, uh huh, and just sit and watch films until the cows come home.  i'd watch all of these in a day. one glorious time-stopped day.


criterion counsel: my man godfrey (114), i am victorious.  no no please, keep the clapping to a minimum, i get so easily embarrassed.

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