Tuesday, June 8, 2010

excuses, they return

i've been pushing myself hard for the last week or so. writing and estate sale throwin' and socializing and working and trying amongst all of these things to find some sort of nook to crawl in to and sleep for a few moments.

things i have to do this month:

1. break down the home of a 85 year old woman who's been collecting, well everything for the the last mmmmmmmm forty years.

2. clean, price, and stage a new house full of antique chairs and coffee mills and clocks and other detritus of a life lived and loved.

3. write 1600 words on the chocolate scene and my adventures within it.

4. work four extra shifts.

5. prepare for a trip to chicago.

6. sleep, socialize, eat, watch and write movie reviews, continue the criterion quest ...

and on and on it goes.

so for today you just get an amazing video by the very talented drew christie.

Fire Fire I Heard The Cry from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

tomorrow, i've got more words on boycotts.


criterion counsel: this is just depressing me lately, so i'm going to give it a break.

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