Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the week

 i'm spent on ideas this morning. somehow amongst the cubic ton of paint cans and trash i tossed in to various dumps and receiving buildings through out the city, any ideas i've ever had about anything were plum smashed. instead, lets just talk about what i'm seeing this week, what might be coming out, what i might be doing.

call it "the week" and see what happens.

1.  toy story 3

wow, for the first time in a long time, i'm teeth-grittingly excited to be attending a screener. sure, once in a while, i'm happy to battle the wet-mouthed masses to sit, slump-shouldered in a theater eyes half-open. usually it pans out that hollywood has dropped another steaming pile in my mouth and i'm stuck trying to digest without throwing up. this time though, this is toy story 3, this is pixar, this is the end of a trilogy that wasn't planned years in advance.  this is an animated film that ends the stories of beloved characters as created by the absolute masters of field.  i'm pee-dancing in excitement.

2.  jonah hex

again, a film, in the theaters, produced by a major studio that has me on the verge of excitement.  not as much excitement as toy story 3 but still. a supernatural cowboy flick starring josh brolin and the sweaty chest of megan fox?  john malkovich as a world-ending bad-boy with that nasally voice of gravel and glass?  sure, there's franchise spraypainted all over this, but perhaps, due to its sheer weirdness and the weight of its main player (oh brolin, you were made for the dusty bowls of a the western screen) this could leap frog its grim predecessors and be something entirely different.


3.  this trailer for the illusionist

magic.  the new trailer for the new film by the man behind the triplets of belleville.  a film based on an unfinished screenplay by jacques tati, starring a sort of animated version of the masterful m. hulot.

magic.  the moment with the motorcycles, the bunny, the bra ... i need to see this film.


what a week.

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