Friday, February 19, 2010

The Wide World: 2.19.2010

It's late on a Friday and you know what that means: a short post full of links.

Honestly, it's been a pretty great day for me as a writer. If you checked in yesterday I posted a look at the Marx's Brother's 1933 classic Duck Soup in response to a favorite writer's of mine column The Basics (which you can read all about HERE). And you know what? He posted a link to my review on his site. It's in THIS column, and it's barely a head-nod, but hell, makes me feel all a-titter in my insides.

While we're on the topic of, well, me, my review of Martin Scorcese's excellent new film Shutter Island is up at Side One: Track One right now. You can check it out HERE.

Oh yeah, and I wrote this short piece on the abysmal turd-bomb that is The Good Guy, a film you've blessedly never heard of. Check out my short dismissal of it HERE.

I love Roger Ebert, he was a driving force in my original passion for film. I knew he'd had cancer and surgeries and all sorts of terrible things happen, but I hadn't known the full spectrum until THIS brilliant bit of profile that ran in Esquire this week. You must read it HERE.

That's all I got today. Thanks for reading!

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