Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Friday! Read a book?

Robert Altman was one of the greats of cinema. He died last year and we're all the worser for it. The Criterion Collection has celebrated his films on a variety of occasions, and their releases have been some of the great. From the well known (Short Cuts (265) to the obscure Secret Honor (257)) they've produced some amazing releases paying due to this fantastically prolific and talented man.

Mitchell Zuckoff produced a series of interviews with Robert Altman in the later years of his life. These interviews, completely vacant of personal touches, were the only things Altman would allow to be considered "his biography." Collected here for the first time in book form, I'm slavering to give this a shot.

My film professor in college, Robert Sickels, had a hankering for Altman like no other, and I remember an anecdote of his that still makes me laugh: at the end of every day Robert Altman would refuse to call it a day, instead he'd pull a production assistant aside, order up a bottle of Cutty Sark and disappear in to his trailer. Everyone would just know.

This book looks amazing. Let me just finish the stack of five I recently bought and then I'll pick this one up.

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