Monday, January 11, 2010

Tahoe, Reno, and a few resolutions for the new year.

Went to Lake Tahoe and Reno this weekend, and you know, I had a few thoughts I'd like to share:

1. Skiing is the most bourgeois of sports. Truly the only sport where there is no "street equivalent", a gear-heavy, money-based excursion reserved solely for those with money, or those who know folks with money. You can't take snowboarding or skiing off the mountain, and those mountains cost a fortune to get to. You need cars, skis (or snowboards), boots, passes, a place to stay, food, googles, socks, warmth ... blah blah blah. This is an upper-crust type of activity. You can't take a pair of 2x4s, rope 'em to your feet and ski down Lombard Street. I've alwaysAdd Video wondered if it was something more than my dislike of cold and my fear of having things bound to my feet that kept me away from the snow sports, and there is: I don't have the kind of money it takes to get up on the slopes all the time. I'm broke, and I'm pretty sure I always have been.

2. That said, one day of skiing was an absolute blast. Yes I spent the entirety of my morning dressed like Zsa Zsa Gabor (oversized Europa Moda jacket? Check. Oversized designer sunglasses? Check. Lack of skill? Triple check.) falling down a series of bunny hills as my sexist ski-teacher flirted with two teenaged Nebraskans (parents in attendance). Yes, I spent my afternoon swearing, cursing and generally bruising each and every part of my body. But hell, my last run of the day, aside from knocking over a three year old snowboarder, was sheer bliss, and I left pumped full of adrenaline like I haven't felt in years. Will I do it again? Sure, why not.

3. Everyone in Reno looks like somebody turned a high-powered sandblaster on their faces. As Alex said, "There's so many characters here, that being a character is kind of boring." Agreed. Every face tells a story in Reno, and none of those stories seemed particularly enchanting. Regardless, I saw a dog run figure-eights around a velour-wearing gymnast doing a hand stand. I nearly swooned. Reno you a desolate little gem that I just might have to spend a weekend with.


It's the New Year! Woooo. Last week took me by surprise, but I'm back and I thought I'd give a few Criterion Quest related resolutions to kick this sum'bitch off right.

So, 2010, what do I have in store for you?

1. I watched only thirty or so Criterion films last year, a piddling amount if you look at how many they've released and how many they continue to pump out. Thus, this year, I'm kicking it in to Criterion Quest overdrive. I'm going to try to break well in to 200 this year, 300 if I can really buckle down. Dear, sweet Alex has inquired about joining the Quest (loosely) and I think with a steadfast companion by my side, I just might be able to power my way through a more convincing number of films.

2. This will be the year of the "Guest Column." Yessir, this'll be the year that I convince my slack-jawed yokel of a brother to write the column he's promised for years. This'll be the year where I reach out and interview folks who love the films I'm watching. This'll be the year I'll persuade more of you, my amazing readers, to chip in with comments and suggestions or hell, reviews of your own.

3. This'll be the year that I try to expand. This is a small blog and I love that it's small and read by only a handful of loyal friends and fans, but I think with effort and, hah, proofreading and a clarification of my idea, this could be the continuation of something beautiful.

4. By hook or by crook, this'll be the year that I get mentioned on the Criterion website. Lord knows how, but if it takes a grappling hook and me falling through the window of the Criterion offices in NYC, I'm getting mentioned on their page. You just wait.

I'm frothing at the mouth I'm so excited. Let's start watching some movies.

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