Friday, July 17, 2009

Look, I'm a writer! ... and other thoughts.

Look, look! I got a piece of writing on the SF Weekly Music Blog:


Yup, the good folk at The SF Weekly have me attending some shows in the next few weeks and writing my thoughts for their early morning music review column (aptly titled Last Night). Strangely enough, as it always seems to happen, I've once again been selected as their hip-hop reviewer, thus last night I was sent out by the lovely Jennifer Maerz to review Kanye West's DJ A-Trak. The review gets across my general, slightly more positive thoughts on the whole affair, but I thought I'd share my less positive feelings in whole with you.

- I had a hip-hop radio show a long time ago. We drank Mad Dog 20/20 and I usually ended up insulting someone or some entity on air. Like most things in the early stages of music criticism career, I was in it mostly for free music and the chance to hear my own voice on the radio. The only free album I ever received was some sort of Halloween related track that talked about killing babies. My brief career as a hip-hop DJ ended after a few too many 40s and a brief, curse-filled argument with administration. I was not terribly disappointed.

- Still, this brief, volatile career has landed me a lot of writing gigs in my life, and last night's A-Trak show was just one of them. Yup, Noah Sanders - Hip-Hop Reviewer, what a strange, strange world.

- Even stranger that last night's "hip-hop DJ set" was actually a loosely defined rave, minus the candy jewelry and ecstasy, add douchey frat boys, Red Bull and Vodka and weed smoke. It could've been my fault, perhaps I came in to the evening expecting breaks, beats, and flat-billed baseball caps, and instead was greeted with house music better listened to in the early 90s. Throughout most of Treasure Fingers hour plus set, I literally cringed, my head down on my arms, acid spewing from my mouth as the crowd cheered after each euro-bass drop. If not for the presence of kindly JM, a shiny-shirted dancer might've gotten hurt last night. That's all I'm saying.

- My final thought on electronica, especially the 90s cheese house that was blasting out of the speakers last night is this: has the genre really progressed that little? Is this some sort of nostalgic revamp like 80s butt-metal had a few years back? And you, you old school electronica-heads, how can you still be supporting this shit? Oh, and you, you new school electronica fans, why aren't you listening to all the other, newer sub-genres being created every day?

Sigh, I should just stop talking about it, I never have any thing nice to say.

Here's a bit of exciting news for you. The first images for Wes Anderson's stop-motion take on Mr. Fox (with voice work by George Clooney, amongst others) is online.

Sure, the foxes look a little bit like creepy baby dolls, but I have full faith that this will be an amazing film. Any thoughts?

Still getting this thing back in to shape. Stick it out with me.


griffdog said...

Those foxes look like they escaped from a horror flick. I wonder what their voices will sound like.

Mark said...

Congrats on the SF Weekly piece! Here's my belated Netflix 5:
1. The Wire, Season 3, Disc 4
2. Rescue Dawn
3. The Lives of Others
4. Straw Dogs (did you hear? REMAKE in the works)
5. The Following (I love Christopher Nolan)
Hope all is quiet on the West Coast.