Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excuses and NETFLIX (1)

Alright, my break in Criterion viewing has thrown me for a loop. My regimented routine of shunning social interaction and work to immerse myself in the world of classic film has fallen to the wayside. I'm out and about talking to live humans about non-film related things, enjoying the golden rays of Mr. Sun, and drinking copiously (with other people!). I know, film nerds of the world remove me from your inner circles, your secret meetings, your silent film screenings feature high profile indie bands - I just don't deserve it anymore.

I'll get back on track though. The shuddering DTs of Criterion withdrawal can only be held at bay for so long, and I've already wiled away hours of work today, perusing the next film in the series.

To keep you, my rabid, oft times violent fans at bay though, I want to give you a peek in to what I'm watching outside of the rigid lines of The Criterion Collection. And to do that I'll give you the films I've received from Netflix, and my thoughts and reasons for placing them in my home, and the next three films soon to be heading my way. It's a varied and sometimes silly collection of films, more of a way of keeping track of films I might want to see than an actual realistic collection.

Here's what I've got, and what's coming down the line:

Blue Velvet dir. David Lynch

Anyone who hasn't seen Blue Velvet and doesn't like David Lynch is a troglodyte. This is a brilliant, fucking bizarre film, that features a performance by Dennis Hopper that I'm pretty sure is just the man how he actually in real life (angry, crazed and hopped up on drugs). I've seen this film too many times to be healthy, but Alex hasn't had the pleasure, so we threw it on the queue.

The French Connection II dir. John Frankenheimer

The first French Connection was such a delightful, dark, exploration Gene Hackman's obsessed Popeye O'Doyle, that I couldn't resist tossing this one in to the mix as well. From the description, it's a European adventure rife with heroin addiction and Gene Hackman kicking ass and taking names. Sounds downright sequel-like, but the late, great John Frankenheimer is manning this cruise, so I more than up for the challenge.

Okie Noodling dir. Bradley Beesley

A documentary about the extreme sport of catfish wrangling (using only the hand) in the South. I imagine many, many missing teeth and a whole lot of semi-serious hilarity. Alex is a documentary devotee, and highly recommended this one.

Zodiac dir. David Fincher

This is a long in-depth movie about SF and the Zodiac Killings that held the city in fear for an entire summer in the 1970s. I've seen it twice, as Fincher is one of my favorite directors, but Alex has not, thus, it made the hallowed slots of the queue.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons dir. David Fincher

More, much maligned, Fincher. I saw this in the theatre and bawled like a school boy. I'm almost embarassed to watch it with someone else as I think I might drown in tears and snot, but Alex started the film and was curious to finish. She's used to my blurbling during movies, so I guess this is okay. Hankies and buckets will be on hand.

That's what I've got. Anyone else got a Netflix 5 they'd like to share? Start a little dialogue in the comment box? Or not, you silent readers you.

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