Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Uncomfortably open and BLOOD FOR DRACULA (28)

This is going to be a short one.

I just slept for a ridiculous nine hours and my eyes are bleary and I have exactly thirteen minutes to put this together, format it, and then post it for all the world to see. I hate sleeping this much, I wasted an entire morning and now feel like spent all of last night taking gravity bong hits.

After yesterday's "rant" about comments made by my ex-girlfriend I was told by a friend that reading it made her "nervous". Inquiring as to why, she stated that it was just "so emotionally open" that it made her feel nervous. And to that I say, "Awesome." I've always assumed that people read blogs, and this blog in particular, in a sort of passing way - between meetings, late at night, when you remember - so, it's actually a pretty nice feeling to know that there is actually an emotional response being had, even if it's a "nervous" one.

Shit, five minutes.

Paul Morrisey directed Flesh for Frankenstein (27) the sort of horror-soft-core take on Mary Shelley's classic and he brings his sort of bizarre sense of sexuality and lust for gore to the story of Dracula in, you guessed it, Blood for Dracula (28). This is a time when I'm confused by Criterion to some degree as they release these sort of schlocky cult-hits that I think can really only be enjoyed on a mostly superficial level, but then surround them with essays that claim to dig deep in to the art form. This movie is pretty entertaining, there are a lot of naked ladies, and a sort of humorous amount of blood spilt in the film, and Udo Keir is one of the oddest looking men I've ever seen (a sort of midgety Eastern-European Fabio). That said, just like Flesh For Frankenstein (27), this aren't films I think have that much to offer. I wish I had more time right now to get in to some of my thoughts on cult films in general, but alas, I do not, so my intelligent ramblings will have to wait for another day.

Final thoughts on Blood for Dracula (28)? You like boobs and blood set in a corny context? You'll most likely enjoy this then.

Tomorrow: And The Ship Sails On (50) and Picnic At Hanging Rock (29)

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