Monday, December 15, 2008

Face bleeding and TIME BANDITS (37)

I have, as you might know, an interview tomorrow in Walla Walla for a position to teach English in China. I was really barreling towards to gate here at the end, trying to read several books, thinking about reading articles, trying to remember names of places that I thought might be important, but as the hours ticked away last night I just sort of faded out. I didn't finish the second book, I merely checked to make sure I knew the names of the places that my college might actually send me, and instead of writing down my thoughts on China and its place in the world, I stared blankly at my computer screen. This is always kind of the way I roll, I aim very very very high in terms of what I think I can accomplish and inevitably, and quite contently fall very very short of that goal.

I have no idea what expect from this interview. I have no idea what questions I'll be asked, or who the four people interviewing me will be. I'm pretty much walking in to this situation blind, and as always when dealing events that could be considered "adult" I feel pretty unprepared. I tried to shave with a non-electric razor and for the last twenty minutes have been holding various pieces of toilet paper to my tattered face. Hopefully by tomorrow the bleeding will have stopped and I won't have to make up some kind of excuse as to why I look like Two-Face. I had to have my dad iron my shirt and pants for me yesterday (this also included washing the pants after I realized I'd spilled a lot of something on them) and all I can hope is that my natural charm will shine through. If not, maybe my wracked sobs will invoke their pity.

Wish me luck.

I love the idea that Time Bandits (37), Terry Gilliam's dorky tale of a small boy, a bunch of dwarves and time machine, makes it in to the collection, but I can't say I've ever enjoyed this movie that much. It's a cult film, a weird little piece of filmmaking that somehow garnered a small, obviously dorky following and over the years that following has grown until it's reached a size you might be able to refer to as an "audience". I've, for whatever reason, seen this film like five times and every time I just can't shake how smugly weird it is. I like parts of it - the Robin Hood scene, the strange almost Brazil (51) like gameshow that bookends the film - but it just isn't up my alley. I like my Gilliam weird, but not so geeky.

Wednesday: Branded To Kill (38)

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