Friday, December 5, 2008

My failing mission and M (30).

Ah jesus, I'm really falling off on this mission right now. Over the course of the last week I've watched exactly 3/4 of one Criterion movie. Sure, it's a long Criterion movie and it's Fellini movie so I have to, on occasion, rewind the film because I've either completely misunderstood what was said or fallen asleep (don't judge, you try watching a two and half hour Italian movie after a grueling day of work). On top of that, I, as I always do with the hundreds of blogs I've started and then left to the wayside, am having a bit of a crisis of creativity.

I'd say about two-three weeks in to every blog I've ever started, my mind begins to tumble in a dangerous direction. First off I think, "Hmmmm ... this blog is pretty much just about my life. Well my life and movies, but in the long run just my life with some movie stuff on the side." This terrifies me as my life is, well, not that interesting. Then I start thinking, "My life is boring, but I'm writing about my boring life, and if my life is so boring will I eventually just be writing a boring blog that will inevitably put my high-octane readers to sleep?" This then sets me on a path where I think one of two things, "Maybe I can start doing more exciting things and these exciting things will keep my readers on the edges of their proverbial seats" and "I should stop writing this blog, my life is a downward spiral and I don't want to bring anyone else with me." None of this is exactly conducive to a stable blog-writing ability.

But I've got high hopes for Criterion Quest. I love watching movies, loooooooove writing about myself, and well, love you guys my loyal readers. I'm on post number 34, here's hoping we make it to 100.

M (30) is a classic that I will get skewered over my lack of interest in. It's one of the more famous films of all time, a German-silent film from the early-30s starring Casablanca's Peter Lorre as a creepy whistling serial killer. In terms of what it's done for the tropes of murder thrillers, it's a surefire classic ... but, it's silent. If anyone knows me, which I think many of you do, I'm not good with silence. I mean, I love the cold quiet of a morning dawn, but I'm also an obnoxious chatterbox who finds awkward silence in the quickest of moments. Thus, when a movie has no talking and only whistle-laced score, I'm struggling, struuuuugggling to keep my eyelids open. I know, better movie-watchers than I will scoff at my scant memory of this absolute classic, but I need words, sweet sweet words.

As always, thanks for reading.

Monday: Finally, And The Ship Sails On (50) and Great Expectations (31)


Greg said...

do a bit of altman:

The Long Goodbye
California Split
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
3 Women

One of those has to be a criterion. try that shit out.
forget the italians. they're great, and the one with his wife was great, but 8 1/2 women...come on.

try some american shit. said...

Those are great films. I've seen California Split, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, M.A.S.H., 3 Women (Criterion), and Nashville (Criterion) and I will certainly write about them when I get to them. For now, I'm just watching the films as they come, and somewhat surprisingly Criterion isn't as excited during the early days about American films. But don't you worry, I'll get to them too.