Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow, that was a weird dream. THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (46) and SID & NANCY (20)

Whoa, whatever was coursing through my subconscious last night really left an indelible stamp on the old grey matter. I'm not one to put much thought in to dreams and their meanings, but seriously can someone sort of crack the code on this one:

My brother and I are attending this super popular all-day, super-secret like team, drinking, trivia, mini-golf, er, competition, that starts at a fantastically popular bar and ends, well lord knows where. We end up meeting up with my addled friend Monica Church and a cute girl that I totally feel like I know. We sit around and drink for a while, until the, shadowy bartenders start playing music and yelling "It's the pre-game trivia music round, guess what song this is!" It's sort of weirdly dark, and I recognize the song, but all of a sudden my chair lifts from the ground and I'm floating above the crowd in this sort of ecstatic flight. All of sudden I look down and realize everyone is writing down answers, and I'm barely listening to the song. I fly, yup fly, back to my seat and by this point the whole place is totally lit up and the bartender yells, "Now lets introduce our celebrity guests: first, do you like Boys II Men?" And every one goes crazy, so crazy that I can only see the back of one of the Boyz II Men guys heads, but you know, I know it's him. The bartender keeps yelling "And finally, Philadelphia's own: Roseanne Barr!" And the place just goes absolutely shit-house crazy. I turn to my brother and Monica, and go "Oh man, my Mom is going to be so jealous!" And Monica goes, "You don't even know." Boom, I'm awake.

Sigmund Freud I would love to hear your psychoanalysis on this obviously very important dream. Again, wow, that was a really weird dream.

I finished The Most Dangerous Game (46) last night, and was once again pleasantly surprised by an old American classic. I think, when it comes down to it, just because of my background in film studies, I'm always going to be more attached to these old U.S. film. What's cool about The Most Dangerous Game (46) is that it literally set the scene for one of the great films of all time. Directors Meriam C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack (yikes) would take the star of this film, Fay Wray and take her on to their next giant jungle adventure, a little spot called, King Kong. You can see all the makings for it here, the dense jungle sets, the awesome misty smoke, the great island setting. The film, not to ruin anything for you is about a creepy old "foreign" count who gets bored hunting animals and instead decides to start trapping sailors and well, hunting them. Unfortunately he grabs Bob Rainsford (Joel McCrea) and gets his ass handed to him. Again, it's old, and a little cheesy depending on what you're used to, but man oh man, if it isn't a short, sweet and enjoyable little flick.

I forgot to mention the other day that Shock Corridor (19) was the film in the series that kicked off my favorite string of films in the series. I watch these movies because I want to both be exposed to new films, but also enjoy these sometimes "famous" films I'm watching. And you know, there's quite a few of these films that are weird, foreign, clunkers and you should feel lucky that I'm dodging these boredom bombs for you. Sid & Nancy though, oh God, so good. Alex Cox is a goddamn genius and pairing Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb as the drug-addled rock 'n' rollers Sid Vicious (of The Sex Pistols for the dull in the audience) and the noxious Nancy Spungen (his girlfriend who he ended up stabbing to death) is amazing. The tale never pulls punches, and never lays blame, but just paints this ridiculous picture of two very fucked up individuals slowly being strangled by the death grips of addiction. A brilliant film and one of the best so far.

I'm going to climb back in to bed and see if I can catch the second half of that Roseanne Barr dream ...

Thursday: Truly, gulp, Salo (17) and Dead Ringers (21)

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