Friday, November 14, 2008

Drunken shopping.

I don't want to dig too deep in to my personal life on this blog (though I know some of you pervy bastards are salivating at the thought of it), but, to say the least, last night was what one might call a "rough one." How rough? Well, lets just say by 7:30 I was drunk enough to be enticed by this email from my bestest friends at Criterion:

Dear Criterion viewers,

We’ve got some big news. We’re launching a new website on November 25, and we’re moving warehouses in the process. To clear the way for the new site, we’re selling everything on our current site at 40% off the retail price. That includes clothing, posters, mugs, totebags, and of course every Criterion DVD in stock! You’ll still get free shipping on orders over $50, and your purchases will still count toward our loyalty program if you create an account on our new site. We won’t be taking new preorders or back orders—this sale is strictly “while supplies last,” so shop early and often. Come on down, browse around, and stock up on holiday gifts at unbeatable prices, while you also help us move to our new digs! Sale ends Monday, November 24, at midnight.

Happy shopping!

Enticed enough that, two large glasses of wine flowing through my veins, I actually spent 20 dollars to purchase, sigh and this really defines me as the dork I am ... a Criterion coffee mug and a Criterion t-shirt. Shit, most people when they're down drink twenty beers and sleep with random people, maybe wreck a car in a spectacular fashion, or go on a three-day bender involving hookers and Vegas. Me, I go online and buy nerd-gear, nerd gear that looks like this:

This doesn't bode well me thinks in my goal to, ahem, "meet girls". Please, you can start judging me now.

Alas, so intoxicated was I last night, that I was unable to finish Salo (17) and honestly, I don't want to write about anything else until that mind-fuck is out of my system. Thus, I'll be curled up on my couch with a bottle of Jack Daniels poured over ice in my awesome new mug, wrapped in my Criterion shirt, sniffling if anyone needs me.

Monday: Salo (17) - if it fucking kills me.

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