Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm putting my love of movies and talking about my sad life on the shelf for the day. You shouldn't be reading a blog anyways, you should be out holding pickets and getting your less politically-inclined friends to get out there and vote.

I'm voting for Obama and I think, honestly, you should be too. Don't vote for Robo-McCain and his Playboy Bunny veep candidate. Our country is in a sad state right now and we need someone who's willing and able to make the drastic changes we need to get it back on the right foot.

Don't be a douche, don't believe in conspiracy theories and cynical assholes who want you to believe that your vote doesn't count. It does, and you should be out there, right now, waiting in line to use it.

Hopefully, come this evening, we'll all have something to celebrate. Raise a drink high, it's time for a fucking change.

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