Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My mistakes as a writer and THE SEVENTH SEAL (11)

I try to write this blog in the morning. You know, get up, feel the excitement of being awake and alive, feel the sun on my face and just tear through another exciting blog. In a perfect world I'm sure this is what would happen. In the real world, I wake up at 10 'o clock (exactly one half hour before I have to be somewhat clean looking to be at my job), drool crusted in my semi-disgusting beard, shamble over to the computer, flip through movie websites for half an hour and then plod through a barely legible blog about an Australian movie I saw eight months ago. In this sort of hazy time before I'm fully awake, I tend to speckle my writing with egregious errors grammatically, punctually, and fact wise.

Thus, yesterday my headline read "LORD OF THE RINGS" instead of "LORD OF THE FLIES". Hopefully the idea that the seven-hour too long trilogy was a Criterion brought a crowd of a uninitiated Questers to my front door. More likely, it just made me feel stupid when I was "showing off" my "sweet blog" to my boss and he off-handedly said scoffed something like "Hah, I didn't know Lord of the Rings was a Criterion." Sigh.

You know, strangely I actually received on comment on my post yesterday and it wasn't about how dumb I was. And you know, I really like getting comments. If you guys have things you'd like to say, please feel free. Be negative, be rude, be positive, be intoxicated - I'd just like to know what the hell you're thinking about this blog. Lets start today with a question, to sort of get the conversation going:

Have you ever seen a Criterion film? And if so, which one?

Easy right? Now you can go back to eating paste.

The Seventh Seal (11) is a very strange film from Sweden and from what I can tell about the Scandinavian films that are graced with the Criterion tag, this is pretty much true. Have you ever seen Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (not a Criterion) and the part where they play chess with the white-faced incarnation of Death? That's based on this movie. And honestly, I don't know if I remember much else about it. I know it involves a knight (a knight who looks shockingly like Kirk Douglas ... but it's Max von Sydow) and his sort of between life-and-death journey, and the weird people he meets a long the way. All I remember is the Death part, and that at one point the whole cast of weird people sort of prance off in to the merry sunset, but again, this is sort of depressing movie, so I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about the general mood it invoked. Whatever, just another classic that I completely misunderstood.

Thursday: This Is Spinal Tap (12) & The Red Shoes (44)

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