Wednesday, July 14, 2010

go, run, see inception

i was lucky, privileged, blessed to see christopher nolan's new film inception on monday night and i can't (both legally and scholarly) gush more about the film.  people will call this the new matrix (i heard them as i left the theater, already dropping the wachowski's sci-fi classic) and if you're thinking mind-bending science-fiction that pushes far past what has come before, then yes, this is the new matrix.  but inception is so so so much more.  this is the matrix on massive steroids, but undercut with an emotional core.  this is a trick on reality (on realities actually) that never lets up.  from moment one you're thrust in to the world of a group of thieves that operate on an entirely different level than anyone who's come before, and you hold on with all your might to their adventure(s).

i want to write nothing more about the plot or the characters or the resolution of this film, because i came in blank, only the oddball images of the teaser posters emblazoned on my brain, and it allowed for everything to be a surprise, everything to be a revelation.  

just know this, the forty minute heist at the end of the film rivals any and all that've come before it.  perhaps the greatest execution of a complicated bit of filmmaking i've ever seen.  acting, writing, cinematography, action choreography - it doesn't get better than this.

mr. nolan, i tip my hat to you.


criterion counsel: did some real damage on the kurosawa piece the other night.  but life has imposed itself once again.  we'll see if i can get to it before i leave for chicago next week.

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