Monday, July 19, 2010

across this wild place

see that tiny town that enormous giant of a person is pinching?  that's chicago.  one time crux of the midwest.  former meat-packing capitol of the world.  home to the cubs, the white soxs, the bears, the bulls and the blackhawks.

well guess what lingering readers?  the criterion conquistador and i are hitting the road in, well, just about four and half hours on a massive road trip across this oft times great country of ours.  through bois and billings and the dakotas and minnesota and wisconsin, we're cutting across this wild place we call america to see what it has to offer, with chicago as our end goal.

the postings are going to be sparse around here and if not sparse, particularly short and sweet.

wish us luck in our travels, we'll certainly do the same for you.

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