Monday, March 22, 2010

Cozy Lummox

I was initially, long ago, drawn to the Criterion Quest not because of their impressive selection of films (something I honestly realized later in my life) but rather because of the amazing sense of design applied to each and every one of their releases.  There isn't a Criterion film that sits on a shelf that isn't an example of how to draw one's eye, how to use negative space, how to apply font to really highlight the thematic elements of a film.  I was slack-jaw obsessed from the start and at point even shot over an email suggesting/requesting that they turn a few of their more amazing covers in to full-on poster art.

That said my excitement was off the charts when, amongst my constant internet perusal, I discovered the blog of designer Eric Skillman.  This talented fellow has been the all-powerful force behind a good deal of the Criterion films that I love best, and his blog allows us, the layman, to take a peek in to what exactly what went in along the way to a completed project. 

The above image is a unused cover for the recent release of Steven Soderbergh's Che (496). One of hundreds Skillman went through in trying to pinpoint exactly the colors, themes, photographic representations to use on the box art.  His descriptions and his reasoning are well worth a look.

It's fascinating. 

I highly suggest you give it a peek.

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