Monday, June 22, 2009

A bit of a break.

Alright, I'm taking a break. Not from writing this blog, but from watching Criterion films for a bit. Let me explain why:

1. Undertaking a quest to watch over 500 movies over the course of well, my entire lifetime, is a bit of a mind drain. I honestly sit in my room sometimes, hell all the time, and try to piece together a schedule. Not a schedule of upcoming events, or the most productive times to do you know, real work, a schedule of when and where I can fit in my Criterion film watching. I sit and I stare and I think of the times that I might have ten minutes to knock off a couple of minutes of a film, or finish the ending I've been meaning to finish, or just to sit down with Alex and watch one of the movies. It's sort of obsessive, and I'd like to step back from the mental time crunch and just have some free time, as when Criterion films are piled atop your desk there's really no time for freedom.

2. Because of the time crunch and the fact that I'm constantly in fear that I'll die (of old age) before I finish the Criterion Collection (a true possibility) I've sort of barreled through the last handful of movies just to, well, finish them. Thus, I've pushed them in to the corners of my computer screen, had them playing the background as I worked, basically failed to give them the respect and pure viewing experience they all deserved. I feel like their obstacles to overcome, not films to enjoy. And I hate that shit. Thus, I'm taking a break.

3. Turns out, I'm sort of a busy guy. Not a really busy guy, but when I combine my work (three jobs), my social life, and the fact that I absolutely love hanging out with my girlfriend, I don't have a lot of time to just sit around and watch movies. Yet this does not stop me from renting movies at my local amazing video store and the holding on to them for weeks on end as the late fees accrue and my bank account steadily dips. Nope, do it all the time. Am actually sitting three days late on my current film right now and I need to get to a point where I have enough time to watch the film and move on ... which is going to take some finaggling.

Thus, for a week or so, I'm still going to be writing, but this blog might have nothing to do with film. I'm going to talk about books and music and writing and whatever else pops in to my head in a format I've been curious about trying out.

Hope you'll stick around to check it out.

See you tomorrow!

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