Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm here ... and I still haven't watched any movies.

Alright, alright, alright. I totally bailed on any sort of emotional farewell to my hometown. I didn't write anything about all the things I'm going to miss or the fact that I just packed up shop and moved my entire life to SF. Nope, didn't do that. I'll probably get around to it, seems somewhat important to catalog in some way these incredibly large changes in my life ... but for now, I'm not in to it.

Seemingly what I am in to is working like a dog and completely forgetting to watch movies that have anything to do with my life's goal of watching every single Criterion film ever. But wait, no seriously wait, I have a good excuse. Here let me tell you it: so, I accidentally packed Chasing Amy (75) and for the last three days I've been waiting for my mother and father to, god bless their senile minds, ship my meager belongings in the boxes I had packed. Somehow though, much to my, uh, surprise, I only received two-thirds of my belongings and sadly, the aforementioned Kevin Smith film was amongst the unsent box.

As soon as I'm done typing this though I'm running up to a video store (indeed they still exist) and trying to find the movie so I can watch at least a little bit tonight and reconnect with a favorite film of my past life, no matter how dated I believe it'll be.

For the mean time you should read this excellent piece written by Kevin Smith about the film. I promise, it's funny and sincere and very personal look at why someone makes a movie about Ben Affleck falling in love with a lesbian. ENJOY.


BenBateman said...

You're probably the laziest turd I know. Also, if you haven't watched Street Kings, it's absurdly awesome.

Anne said...

Noah. Get it together.

And Chasing Amy is terrible.