Tuesday, April 6, 2010

perhaps the worst thing i've ever seen

Is this the future of Hollywood?  Or perhaps this is the present and we're so deeply mired we can't get our head above water.

Either way, I share the pain of dancing CGI great danes with you my loyal readers.

Apologies for my sluggish forward momentum in terms of all things Criterion.  I'm in the midst of a new business venture and it is, to say the least, time consuming.

Now, pain.

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wescoat said...

It's nothing more terrible than what we've seen in Beverly Hills Chihuahua and... wait for it now... Beverly Hills Chihuahua TWO(coming soon. Or did it already come out? Who cares.) The real issue here is, what the hell is William H.Macy doing? Owen Wilson I gave up on years ago, but Macy? I thought he still had some integrity left in that beautiful, perpetually worried brain of his.